app. Teleservices Act

The Mommseneck am Potsdamer Platz contradicts any commercial use and transfer of data worldwide.

Area of responsibility and limitation

This company information applies to the Internet presence accessible at, hereafter called Website. This Website is part of the globally accessible "www" network and can accordingly be and/or become linked with external websites that may change at any time.

Copyright and usage

Unless stated otherwise, Mommseneck am Potsdamer Platz GmbH permits the linking of external sites to Mommseneck am Potsdamer Platz GmbH holds the copyright for texts, images and graphics, unless expressly stated otherwise.

Data protection

Data Security Personal data is only collected with the knowledge and consent of the respective person. Each respective person may receive information about the stored personal data upon request, free of charge. Please send requests to:

Journalistic and editorial responsibility

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